Why Keep Using Mask?

It's uncommon to us -western people- to see anyone in the streets wearing a mask. And when we see it, directly we relate  it to a contagious disease, and sometimes frightening ourselves unnecessarily.
But it has more to do with being cautious than the flu seasons or fears of catching colds.

Let's see the reasons for wearing a mask more often:

1. Health.
One of the biggest factors Japanese wear masks it’s to prevent one’s own germs or sickness from spreading in public places. A matter of good behavior and personal hygiene.
It’s therefore more a point of making sure others don’t get sick, as opposed to making sure one doesn’t get sick.

2. Pollen Allergies, Asthma and Dust.
The dust that causes pollution that comes from industralization -chemical processes, vehicles, coal, etc.- it’s 2.5μm . That's mean it is small enough to sit in your body and cause diminished heart and lung function, asthma, and a handful of problems and inconvenience. But with a  mask, all this evil can be safely filtered, specially pollen particles, which are fairly large.

3. Covering Ourselves.
A easy quick fix when you just want to cover some physical imperfections like scars, pimles or zits. Did you recently go to the dentist and your mouth is temporarily a mess? Wear a mask! Do you think you look better with lipstick but you don't have time this morning to get ready? Wear a mask!
Masks also could hide us if we have low self-steem or if we are just shy, and help us to avoid social anxiety.

4. Being Cooler.
A 2011 poll surveyed 100 people in Tokyo and learned that 30% of Japanese wear masks for reasons not having to do with sickness. Masks are visually associated with subculture and J/K-Fashion, from Lolitas to Visual-kei, 
going through all kinds of styles.

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