Washing Tips for Printed Sweaters and Tees

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🔘💦 Using laundry machine:

🔹 Wash your sweatshirt every 6-7 wears. Before washing it determine if a wash is needed. It’s recommended that you wash sweatshirts after about six or seven wears because as outerwear they don’t dirty as quickly. 
Washing less frequently prevents added wear and tear. As long as your sweatshirt doesn’t smell, it’s okay to go a bit between washes.
If you exercise in your sweatshirt, then you will likely need to wash it more.
If you’re questioning whether or not it’s dirty, it’s better to go ahead and wash it. You don’t want worries about a dirty sweatshirt overshadowing your day.
Consider what you’re wearing under your sweatshirt. The more layers you wear, the less sweat your hoodie encounters.

🔹 Turn your sweatshirt inside out. If you want it to stay soft and vibrant, you need to turn it inside out before washing so the color and texture of the fabric are protected during the wash.

🔹 Put your sweatshirt into the washing machine. Spread out your sweatshirt and place it in the tub of the washing machine, careful not to ball it up.

🔹 Set your washer on the delicate cycle. Prevent extra wear on it.

🔹 Wash your sweatshirt in cold water. Make sure that you set the washer to “cold” before turning it on to help preserve the color and any graphics that are on the sweatshirt.

🔹 Add a mild detergent. As the water flows into the washer, add your soap. Choose a soap that is gentle on clothing, avoiding products that contain bleach.

🔹 Avoid fabric softener. Both liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets can harm your sweatshirt. Some fabrics, such as those that are water-resistant, can be damaged by fabric softeners.

🔹 Rinse twice. Because hoodies are thick, they may hold onto detergent. To be sure that your sweatshirt is free of detergent, rinse it twice.

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👋💦 Washing by Hand:

🔸 Find a large container. When washing by hand, you need something to hold enough water to wash your clothing. Great options include your sink, a bucket, or a large cooking pot.

🔸 Add mild detergent to your water. As you pour water into the wash container, pour in your soap. Gently stir the soapy water to mix it well.
Don’t add too much soap. While you want a clean sweatshirt, too much soap will be hard to rinse out. Plus, excess soap attracts dirt and bacteria, keeping it in the fabric.
Remember that laundry detergent is formulated for a full load, so don’t measure out a whole cup of laundry detergent. A teaspoon is recommended for small items. If you have a thicker sweatshirt, add a little extra.

🔸 Submerge your sweatshirt. Place your sweatshirt into the water after you have mixed in the soap. Press it down with your hand until the entire sweatshirt is under the water.

🔸 Soak your sweatshirt. Let your sweatshirt sit in the container of soapy water for a few minutes so that it will absorb the detergent.

🔸 Use your hands to agitate it. Gently move your sweatshirt around the wash container. Be careful not to scrub the fabric because you may damage it.

🔸 Remove your sweatshirt from the soapy water. Lift your sweatshirt from the wash container and gently squeeze out some of the excess water. Avoid twisting your sweatshirt because that can damage it.

🔸 Put your sweatshirt into a colander. Using a colander will help you rinse the soap from your hoodie without risking damage to the fabric.
A colander is a bowl that has holes so that you can drain water. If you don’t have a colander, check if your pots came with a basket to steam veggies.
If you lack kitchen supplies, you could try a large funnel.

🔸 Rinse your sweatshirt. While your sweatshirt is still in the colander, run cold water over it to rinse out the detergent.
If you can’t find anything to rinse your sweatshirt in, just fill the wash container with clean water and rinse it that way.
Check to make sure that you’ve washed out all of the detergent by smelling the fabric. If you catch a strong whiff of soap, rinse your sweatshirt again.

🔸 Squeeze out the water. Gently squeeze your sweatshirt to remove the excess water. Don’t twist it because twisting will damage the fabric of your hoodie.

🔸 Lay your sweatshirt out to dry. Keep in mind that handwashed items usually take longer to dry because they hold onto more water. Find a flat surface that won’t be damaged by dripping water, such as a countertop.

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